The One Click Installation form will look something like this:

The form is very intuitive and self explanatory, so we are only going to explain some fields in detail:


You have 6 predefined installation types that will automatically install specific components to create a desired forum type.

  • Public forum

    A commom public forum

    If you wish to create an open forum to support your products or to create a comunity forum where users can talk freely about stuff, this is the right choice.

  • Web Development Forum

    A web development forum, with a syntax highlighter installed

    If you wish to create a web development forum, where you can give support about some coding languages, this is the right choice, because it installs a syntax highlighter which enables you to the option to highlight some coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP and more.

  • Envato Support Forum

    An Envato support forum

    If you sell products on the Envato Market and you want to give support to your products, this is the right choice, because it will install a feature that only users who have bought your product will have access to the forum.

  • Clean Installation

    A clean installation with only the Vanilla core and this theme installed

    If you want to install a forum with no plugins and only with this theme.

  • Existing Installation

    You already have a vanilla forum installed and you want to install this theme on it

    If you already have a vanilla forum installed and you want to install this theme on it.

  • Custom Installation

    A custom installation allows you to select which components you want to install

    If you whish to select individualy which components you want to install, then this is the right choice. This is also a good option, if you wish to install just some plugins.

If you click the show settings link you will see which components will be installed:

Components Public Forum Web Development Forum Envato Support Forum Clean Installation Existing Installation Custom Installation
Vanilla Core
Forum main core
One Click
This amazing theme
Envato Item Purchase Code verification
Activates the Envato Item Purchase Code verification.
Basic Pages
Basic Pages is an application that provides a way for you to create basic public pages for static content in Garden.
Creative CLEditor
Adds a WYSIWYG Editor on discussions and comments.
Creative Syntax Highlighter
Adds a Code Syntax Highlighter on discussions and comments.
Implements Gravatar avatars for all users who have not uploaded their own custom profile picture & icon.
In this discussion
Adds a list of users taking part in the discussion to the side panel of the discussion page in Vanilla.
Private Community
Adds an option to Roles & Permissions allowing administrators to make all pages only visible for signed-in community members.
Split Merge
Allows moderators with discussion edit permission to split & merge discussions.
Adds sprites (icons) to all menus and nav buttons throughout Vanilla.
Allow tagging of discussions.
Allows users to vote on comments and discussions.


If you select to install an Envato Support Forum you will need to fill the following fields:


    ex: CreativeDreams

    This is the Username that you use to login on the Envato Market sites (ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, etc.).


    ex: h5ajcnsheh37s3hv4hio38b86wid2s1y

    The Envato API Key is needed so that your forum can check if a user really bought your envato product or not.
    You can get this by logging in on an Envato Market site and then access your account (you can click on your Username on the top right side).