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Why choose a Vanilla forum?

One Click uses the Vanilla forum because it is:

  • Powerful yet elegantly simple
  • Very intuitive
  • Well structured
  • Easily customisable
  • Learning curve is much faster than the rest of the forum engines
  • Flexibility and integration
  • New Plugins every day
  • WordPress integration
  • Twitter and facebook integration
  • Outstanding customer support

One Click forum is ready to use the following plugins

So you don't need to make any CSS modifications or on any of the PHP files

Advanced Editor

Enables advanced editing of posts in several formats, including WYSIWYG, simple HTML, Markdown, and BBCode.

Creative CLEditor

Adds a WYSIWYG Editor on discussions and comments.


Creative Syntax Highlighter

Adds a Code Syntax Highlighter on discussions and comments.



Implements Gravatar avatars for all users who have not uploaded their own custom profile picture & icon.


In this discussion

Adds a list of users taking part in the discussion to the side panel of the discussion page in Vanilla.

Private Community

Adds an option to Roles & Permissions allowing administrators to make all pages only visible for signed-in community members.


Split Merge

Allows moderators with discussion edit permission to split & merge discussions.


Adds sprites (icons) to all menus and nav buttons throughout Vanilla.



Allow tagging of discussions.



Allows users to vote on comments and discussions.

Yet Another Gamification Application

Yaga provides customizable reactions, badges, and ranks for your Vanilla forum software.

Do you sell products on the Envato Market?

It's about time you start giving support to your products!

Licensed Users only

Your Forum will only be accessible to user who bought your product.
In registration, new users will be asked for the Envato Item Purchase code.

A Style Editor was built from scratch just to boost the time for your forum customization

Style Editor built form scratch

Costumizing a forum to look the way you want, can take some time and can be a little bit messy to change the CSS files.
Taking that in consideration and having the desire that users will be able to give support after a few minutes, a Style Editor was created from scratch so that it would be very easy and very fast to customize your forum.

System, Google and True Face (Font Squirrel) ready

The Style Editor comes with a large variety and most commom System Fonts, Google fonts and some free True Face fonts.
Also, it's very easy to add new Google Fonts and also it's prepared to receive new free True Face fonts downloaded via Font Squirrel.

Lots of predefined styles

One Click forum comes with some predefined styles so that you can quickly choose the one who suits your needs best and make your adjustments faster.
All styles have the waranty of high quality design and very attention to the details.
They are also prepared for the most commom Vanilla Forum plugins.

Import styles

You can import pre made styles into your theme.
You can also import your own styles that you exported from previous forums, so you don't need to costumize everything again.
New styles will be launched regularly, so you will have plenty to choose from.



Support Center

We're are proud of offering a premium quality support to our custumers.
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